Web filtering

- Blocking annoying websites.
- Blocking specific applications for social media on smart phones.
- Controlling allowed websites in the company.

Remote monitoring

This technique helps in remote monitoring of work place wherever you are via smartphone or laptop.

Make use of the connected lines to the network if they were varied

- Submitting a technical solution by using all the lines as one and if anything wrong happens that won't influence connection's quality.
- Make use of lines speed as one line.

Installing LAN network with internet connection and encouraging price

- Connecting the local network with the internet through subscribing with the best providers and submitting high speed with special prices.

Applying safe and isolation procedures to reach the best performance

Activating The ability of reaching the network through internet for the aims of managing and controlling

Secure broad band connection between your company branches

- connecting your company branches in a safe way to prevent stealing data through private network.
- Allowing the users in the branches to sign to network resources (printers – shared files – cameras ……. ) in special account according to job validations.
- The ability of signing into for manager and supervisor from outside of work place.

Building data center

Building network for companies ,establishments and organization withe multi branches

- Studying the place and its engineered design.

- Studying the way of computers distributing  in place with keeping in mind places of electrical network.

- Suggesting a chart for network extensions and connecting points on the wall.

- Buying stuff the agreement on the offer ( cables – sockets on the wall – computers – networking devices such as switchers ) .

- Starting networking extensions with description chart which ease the way of understanding of connecting.