daleeli in Syria is a website and application whose goal is to list all public bodies, commercial, industrial, service, and tourist facilities and others of interest to the Syrian Arab citizen to infer his location, phone number, facility's social media, e-mail, website, or any means of communication that saves time and money for him. Note that the listing in Syria Directory is free of charge, and Syria Directory does not charge any fees for listing the above entities and facilities, and downloading the application is also free. The site is linked to its social networking pages, and publishing on it is also free. Syria Dalili website and application contains a free online marketplace "classifieds" where visitors to the website or application can view their products, goods, services, or other real estate, vehicles and other classifieds in order to sell, barter or give them for free. Dalili Syria is a site that achieves various goals in one framework. daleeli in Syria refuses to delve into matters of religion and politics, or to defame public figures, members of society, bodies, establishments, products, services, or any controversial or shameful topic. daleeli in Syria is not responsible for the information included through it, whether scientific, cultural, or related to the quality or reliability of the information, and the responsibility is entirely on the list.


An advertising service for promoting companies, shops ..etc


Free Electronic market that helps visitors to find vehicles, electronics devices, real estates ..etc


building professional CVs, with the ability to share it in our website and sending it to the companies in our website


Publishing articles in various social and economic fields


Enabling companies to publishing their job opportunities easily


The service of creating offers governed by a specific time period, including offers, training courses, and shop offers